Diverticulitis, Colitis, and Crohn’s symptoms can end using the Catalyst Food method.

I’m not a doctor, but I have been instrumental in helping over 40,000
people eliminate the symptoms of severe digestive disorders.

Entering into Summer 2017 we know you want to start over with better digestive health and a fresh start.
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Everyone Told You Diverticulitis, Colitis, and Crohn’s Symptoms are a Life Sentence of Suffering. It is not true!

You suffer from some or all of these: cramping, bloating, acid scaring, inflammation, meal stagnation, diarrhea, constipation, bleeding, acid reflux, and periodic attacks and flare-ups… If you don’t know what to eat and you hate going to the doctor but you need help… If you know that antibiotics hurt your digestive flora, but you have to take them to get over attacks. You are hungry but are afraid to eat. You are not sure what you should and shouldn’t eat. You wonder “why me,” when those around you eat junk food and “get away with it.” Is there an answer or are you somehow just cursed?

 Hi, i'm Mike Hohlweg, author of Pain Free Foods. I have developed an extremely helpful diet for those suffering with diverticulitis and diverticulosis symptoms. We are a family business that strives to help every customer become pain free, inflammation free, symptom free, and attack and flare-up free. Please take five minutes for what might be the most important information any diverticulitis sufferer could ever learn. We will not waste your time…

With the few facts above, it is easy to see that particular countries and cultures are more prone to developing digestive disorders. Through years of research I have been verifying my theory that certain food combinations seen more often in these countries are causing digestive disorders. I found avoiding five “trigger foods” and catalyst food mixes makes all the difference.

What are the 8 Most Common Treatment Options for Diverticulitis Sufferers?

  • If you have tried these, you know that they are short lived treatments and do not offer long term relief from diverticulitis.
  • Drink plenty of water. Apply a heating pad or hot water bottle.
  • Consider invasive, risky procedures (-oscopies), or even removal of all or part of the colon (-ectomies).
  • Use antibiotics and other prescription meds and acid blockers.
  • Maintain regular bathroom habits; avoid straining and laxatives.
  • Undergo a clonoscopy, barium enema, X-rays, or scans.
  • Take over the counter pain and acid blocking drugs.
  • High fiber diet, low fiber diet, or a bland diet.


What Your Doctors Are Taught !

 Doctors, nutritionists and gastroenterologists consider diverticulitis to be incurable. In fact, if you see a doctor for your diverticulitis or diverticulosis, he/she may have told you that you will get worse over time. Doctors know that diverticular disease (diverticulosis and diverticulitis) is simply a disease of inflammation, which in many cases is so severe that bulges (diverticula) are beginning to rupture through the wall of the patient’s colon.I believe that inflammation of the colon in diverticular disease patients is caused by eating foods I call “Catalyst Foodsand Trigger Foods.”Your time is valuable. Please give me just a couple of minutes to explain why I believe this theory is accurate and why it might be the most important information any diverticulitis patient could know

Now available: Divide your book into 2 small monthly payments but still get started today!

I’m not a doctor, but I have been instrumental in helping over 40,000 people eliminate the symptoms of severe digestive disorders. I believe I discovered the exact cause, and have been extremely successful in proving it so far.

What Causes Digestive Diseases?

Please Don’t Skip This Section!

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I completely agree with doctors and pharmaceutical companies when they admit that they don’t know the cause or cure for diverticulitis. I Asked Myself: “What reaches our colons that could be causing the inflammation? My belief is that it had to be either stomach acid or food, since that is all that reaches the colon. As it turns out, it is both that may be causing the inflammation and damage.

 This allergy example is also a good way to explain to you how these digestive diseases that have some very different symptoms, can have the same cause. Lets say for example, two people are allergic to strawberries… for person 1, strawberries break them out in hives and make them itch. For person 2 their throat swells closed. The same food causes an inappropriate response in both, but the problem food is the same.

Imagine a hay fever patient doing yard work every day for years. Eventually he will have severe respiratory problems and possibly lung infections. His lungs, like your colon, will be inflamed. A doctor may offer nasal sprays, decongestants and antibiotics. He may feel better, but if he keeps doing yard work, the suffering will continue and the inflammation will get worse. Does this sound like you? Do you keep eating the same foods the same way but hope to somehow get better? We can all tell the “allergy guy” how to get better. Somehow it is harder to fix ourselves. Are you still eating the same way that got you sick in the first place?



Inflammation and infection becomes worse in different areas depending on the individual person. For some, it can stay in the colon causing your doctor to label it colitis… for another it may cause severe upset stomach and diarrhea and be labeled IBS. Its also common over time for doctors to diagnose someone with one disorder, for example IBS and later tell them they also have diverticulitis. In many cases we see someone with a colitis diagnosis change to Crohn’s. It’s just the inflammation progressing and becoming more severe and your doctor has to put a “label” on it that “fits”. The core problem hasn’t changed… It’s your body’s response to too much stomach acid being produced.


How Can We Know If Mike’s Theory is Correct?

I used to suffer from my own acid related digestive disorder. Then, for two years I lived overseas. While abroad, I ate what locals ate. During that time, I noticed that my digestive symptoms simply went away. Why would my symptoms go away just from changing what and how I ate? When I returned home my symptoms came back. I eventually understood that it was my food that was causing the problem. It was obvious to me.

Digestive diseases exist predominantly in seven countries. The other 180+ countries, with billions of people, have very few cases of diverticulitis, colitis, Crohn’s, IBS and IBD.

Doubt what I am telling you? Here is what doctors at Cornell University said (paraphrased): 30% to 65% of the population in the “Western world” have this disease. Then they compared that rate to the rate elsewhere — Africa and Asia for example. The disease is epidemic in seven places, almost nonexistent in much of the world. We need a food program and it can be simple! Again, here are the medical citations:



What Do These 7 Hot Spots Have in Common

With the few facts above, it didn’t take a medical degree to see that the over/under production of acid (and bad food combinations) may well be what is causing diverticulitis inflammation. Could avoiding five “trigger foods” and catalyst food mixes be the solution? I am confident that it is. My next question was: If diet causes diverticulitis, could a diverticulitis diet (and diverticulosis diet) also end diverticulitis symptoms? I tested my theory on myself and for me, the answer was Yes. Note: It is not legal to claim a cure for any disease including diverticular disease. I believe that the inflammation that leads to diverticulitis is completely preventable and reversible when we stop eating in a way that causes the inflammation in the first place. I do not call this a cure but rather, an “elimination of symptoms.” For almost two years I tested my diverticulitis diet theories out on myself and two willing friends, who shared my digestive nightmare. Eventually I figured out which foods, when mixed together, seemed to cause all the trouble… I named those “catalyst foods!” I found that we could eat almost any food we wanted, but when we ate any two of the “catalyst foods” at the same time, the results were dramatic… dramatically bad. Sometimes the result was immediate, and sometimes delayed, but the result was always one or more of the following: heartburn, feeling acidic, bloating, horrible cramping, abdominal pain, gas, meals “just sitting there,” discomfort, and toilet “drama.”


Doctors Are Not Your Only Option

As we proved earlier from the medical websites, doctors are taught that the cause of digestive issues are a mystery. Would you hire a professional in any other field who told you he/she didn’t know the solution to your problem? If your mechanic told you he/she did not know how to fix your car… would you hire them and “hope for the best?”

Will this plan be hard to follow?

Pardon me while I switch from enthusiastic researcher and author, to a no-hype father and husband. Although the program is straightforward, changing your eating style is difficult. Yes, there are some who sell capsules, ebooks or diets, claiming “cures without effort”. That is not us, this is a real food plan and you will have to change some things. You will still be able to eat 95% of the foods you are used to, but you will have to exercise restraint and avoid the catalyst foods and trigger food combinations in your chart. Rules are hard to follow but let me ask you this: Is it easy going through your current pain and attacks?

Now available: Divide your book into 2 small monthly payments but still get started today!

PFF is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. If you are seeing a doctor or taking medications, continue to do so and consult with your physician before starting any new eating or nutrition program or changing your medication regimen. Even if the program works for you as it has for so many, your digestive tract may be inflamed or injured to the point where complete healing may be a multi-week, month or even a yearlong process. We do believe in this program and stand behind our guarantee 100%, but we are never going to be aware of all the conditions or complications that may exist in an individual patient. Doctors or nurses do not supervise PFF nor have any trained personnel in any country evaluated its theories or recommendations. None of the statements on this website or within the program have been evaluated by the FDA or any other agency of any government of any country. The theories herein represent the beliefs of the author, Mike Hohlweg