Diverticulitis, Colitis, and Crohn’s symptoms can end using the Catalyst Food method.

I’m not a doctor, but I have 40,000 clients that say this
is the one thing that works.

If your digestive disorder is worth 4 minutes of your time, read or skim here and find out
why 98% of our clients love the “Catalyst Food” method of eating

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You now know how you will feel if you keep doing what you have been doing.

You suffer from some or all: cramping, bloating, acid scaring, inflammation, meal stagnation, diarrhea, constipation, bleeding, acid reflux, and periodic attacks and flare-ups… and the odds are, you are not getting better.


If you don’t know what to eat and you need help… If you know that antibiotics hurt your digestive flora, but you have to take them to get over attacks. You are not sure what you should and shouldn’t eat. You wonder “why me,” when those around you eat horribly and “get away with it.” We believe there is an answer! I am Mike Hohlweg and I invented a diet that may change everything for you.

How Can We Know If Mike’s Diet Theory is Correct?

I researched everything I could get my hands on and began to understand that acid damage might not only be a symptom of diverticulitis, colitis, and Crohn’s, but it might be the actual cause of symptoms. For me, the proof was when I worked in Asia for almost two years and my own diverticulitis symptoms “just went away.” When I returned to the U.S. my symptoms returned and my quality of life was horrible. When I again began eating a “Western” diet I became massively acidic. I began having belly aches, bloating, inflammation, throat size reduction, and reflux, especially at night. One day specifically I had some pizza and a beer for dinner. This meal put me in bed for 3 hours and my stomach inflated like a beach ball.

I had to find an answer, and for myself and many thousands of others… I did.

The answer to my pain, bloating, and constant acid production was to avoid a few specific foods and drinks. I found 7 foods in particular that seem to cause heavy stomach acid. These were the “villians” for anyone with a digestive disorder. I also created a chart listing over 100 foods, showing how to eat without creating excess stomach acid. The secret was that for almost every food, there was a “catalyst food” that could cause that meal to become a “high acid producer.” That part that took me over 4 years to research and create.

You also need to know that less than 16% of the earth’s population, suffers with almost 90% of all diverticulitis, colitis, and Crohn’s, and the sufferers are almost exclusively eating the modern “Western” style diet. To me, this supports the dietary solution to digestive disorder periodic symptom relief.

Here are the medical citations:



    What Your Doctors Are Taught !

    Doctors, nutritionists and gastroenterologists consider diverticulitis, colitis, and Crohn’s to be incurable. In fact, if you see a doctor, he/she may tell you that you will get worse over time. Doctors know that digestive diseases are simply a disease of inflammation.

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    I’m not a doctor, but I have 40,000 happy digestive disorder customers.

    What Causes Digestive Diseases? I believe it is acid.

    Here are medical citations:

    • http://www.marczaremd.com/diverticulitis-of-colon.html
    • http://www.gastroassociates.com/WhatbrWeTreat/DiverticulosisandDiverticulitis.aspx
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    It is all about learning to eat without causing over-acidification!

    Are you still eating the same way that got you sick in the first place? How is that working?

    As we proved earlier from the medical websites, doctors are taught that the cause of digestive issues is a mystery. I am not a doctor so no one told me these symptoms could not be reduced by diet.


    Will "catalyst food" eating be hard to do?

    I am not only an author, I am an ethical person, father, and husband. My wife and daughter are my partners. I will not trade my integrity for book sales. The only honest answer to the above question is “yes” changing some things about the way you eat is not easy or fast. What has given us a 98% satisfied customer rate is that a few days into the program, “you will know” if it is “for you” and for about 2%, it is not.

    What is included:

    • The hardcopy of the painfreefoods, catalyst food program
    • A digital version sent immediately to your email so you can start today while your hardcopy is being shipped.
    • The quick start guide so you can start avoiding catalyst foods, even before you read the book. A 5 minute read.
    • The “Eat Out Guide” which allows you to eat properly at restaurants, during travel, or when you eat at a friends home.
    • Part of your book is a 200 recipe collection where the work has been done for you. Stick to the recipes and you are good.
    • Part of your book is “50 things you absolutely must know” covering virtually every question thousands of previous customers have ever had.
    • 7 day meal plan. If you want you can use our 21 meals where we tell you exactly what to eat meal by meal for the first week. No reading or thinking involved.
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    Guarantee: 100% satisfaction guarantee for 100 days, no conditions, no tricks, no fine print. Love it or we buy it back.

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    PFF is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. If you are seeing a doctor or taking medications, continue to do so and consult with your physician before starting any new eating or nutrition program or changing your medication regimen. We do believe in this program and stand behind our guarantee 100%, but we are never going to be aware of all the conditions or complications that may exist in an individual patient. Doctors or nurses do not supervise PFF nor have any trained personnel in any country evaluated its theories or recommendations. None of the statements on this website or within the program have been evaluated by the FDA or any other agency of any government of any country. The theories herein represent the beliefs of the author, Mike Hohlweg