Diverticulitis, Colitis, and Crohn’s symptoms can end using the Catalyst Food method.
1. Does this really work for everyone? 
The short answer is that nothing works for everyone. We have periodic refunds amounting to 1 to 2% of sales. The most common reason we hear is: "I won't..." (you fill in the blank). What people, American's in particular want to hear is that they can do almost nothing (taking a pill for instance) and get better.
This attitude is why it is hard for some people to get better. We want fast, easy, and effortless. Some people feel that paying the cost of the book is "doing something." Here is the truth: to get better, you can't keep eating the same way that got you sick. It is that simple with the one caveat: you also have to eat in a way that allows your body to recover and heal itself and we believe this "way" is Catalyst Food Avoidance." If you won't do this, you will not get better. If you do it, you will, in our opinion, almost certainly get better.  Most people can tell they are getting better within a few days on the program ("getting better" means: "symptom reduction"). The FDA does not allow anyone including us to make curing or healing claims, so we don't. Disclaimer: These statements may not represent the typical outcome or result from being on the program. The overall health and even genetics of the dieter can affect their outcome.
2. How long does it take to actually let my body heal from diverticulitis? 
Now, this can vary a lot. One person might have a couple of diverticula, and another might have a horribly perforated colon with bleeding wounds who is also taking many medications that complicate healing (keep taking them until your doctor says differently). The bottom line is that once you understand that this disease only exists while you are hurting yourself with your current eating habits, and that improvement begins the minute you stop... you are in charge. If you only have diverticulosis, only have a few polyps or diverticula and you follow the program, some people have told us they have seen improvement in as little as a few days. If your case has been acute for years, it could take many months to a year to see drastic improvement. Disclaimer: May not represent the typical outcome or result from being on the diet. The overall health and even genetics of the dieter can affect their outcome. Your experience may certainly vary.
3. Are there foods that I will not be able to eat?  
There are very few foods even at the grocery store that cannot be eaten on the plan. We recommend not using milk during healing but there are two great alternatives that we give you to use instead. Despite the common opinion on the subject, yogurt is possibly the worst single food you can eat… yes, probiotics and all.   

4. Are there foods that I will have to eat?  
No, there are no foods that you must eat. The basic plan has just a few rules and you need to follow those for success.   

5. How do you compare to other similar website products? 
No one compares to us. We have purchased and read all the major systems that are available. We are the proof that awesome customer service and support do not have to be about lots of money. Our fee is less than others. Most other programs out there are a form of the “low-fiber/low-residue” allopathic medical diet that has never worked for anyone in over 20 years. Others claim to cure everyting from colitis to ingrown toenails. This program works for diverticulitis better than any other that we know of.No one compares to us. We have purchased and read all the major systems that are available. We are the proof that awesome customer service and support do not have to be about lots of money.   

6. Are you a doctor? 
I am not a doctor, not a nurse and not a nutritionist. I have no formal training whatsoever to allow me to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. I am a regular person with a wife and three kids, maybe just like you. I had a disease and used a unique life experience and logic and went about finding a solution for myself. Then I helped a couple of friends using my theory. One of those friends became my partner because he saw it work on himself and me, and then later his wife. We did a test with 25 people who we solicited off the internet. After having 92% reported success (one person dropped out), we went live with this website. In other words, we watched as a total of 23 out of 25 people improved their health while using this plan. But no, I am not a doctor.   

7. What do you recommend regarding prescribed medications while following the plan
I am not qualified to advise regarding your doctor’s care or your prescription medications, so I won’t do that. Many websites do and it is criminal. I will tell you that as you can do so safely and under doctor supervision, take as little medication is he/she allows. We already have people who have followed this plan and gotten off many medications. I won’t go into this in much detail or make promises, because as I said it is individual. I will never be qualified to review your medical history or test you for improvements and healing. The website owner that tells you to quit your meds from her living-room armchair should be arrested.   

8. Are there restrictions to getting my money back on your guarantee? 
The money back guarantee is on the honor system: your honor. My request is that you use the system and if it does not work for you, insist on a refund… a full refund of your purchase price. I do not enforce what I am going to tell you next, but it is my request.Please don’t ask a refund because you would not put out the effort to follow the plan or change your eating habits to heal yourself. In other words, if you fail yourself, please don’t blame me. It costs $16 per sale using the services we use such as PayPal, hosting, developer maintenance, Google Adwords etc. If we fail you, however, please request your refund your purchase in full.   

9. What is your refund policy? 
No, Refunds are for the price you paid. The amount you spend is the amount you get back. No service charges or fees will ever be deducted. No conditions, no tricks. Of course shipping is not refundable for platinum orders.   

10. What really makes this work? 
If you have diverticulitis, certain foods when combined with other foods have a toxic reaction in your digestive tract. If you are stubborn, you are thinking to yourself: “I went X years and had no trouble,” or you might think: “My kids/parents don’t have this, why should I? ”The answer is that being prone to diverticular disease is like being prone to headaches or allergies. You are susceptible to this and fortunately your spouse and friends are not.   

11. What do you suggest regarding doctor care while following the plan? 
If you are seeing a doctor, we suggest that you continue with that doctor. This is not a restrictive diet that will change the amount or type of food that you eat. It is much healthier to be on this program that off of it even for those who do not have crohns.Of course, if you experience new problems that you feel might be a result of following the plan, you can discontinue or consult with a doctor. We hesitate to give advice on this because some people are in dire health circumstances when they start the plan and a “new” pain or discomfort might be nothing, a cleansing reaction, or something that may have been wrong with them for years that is about to start causing symptoms.We honestly believe that doctors have their place. Giving diagnoses and keeping you appraised of progress are two very good “places” where doctors excel. There is no “internet” or “website” substitute for modern medicine when it comes to the above areas.The best solution for a person in serious health crisis is a proven nutritional program that allows the body to improve and a knowledgeable physician who advises and monitors the progress. Keep in mind that there are some, perhaps many, doctors who will refuse to give any credibility to any diet or knowledge that does not come from a medical university, or from a pharmaceutical company. This is for you to work out.   

12. Will I have to follow the program for the rest of my life? 
The most honest answer is; partially. Our bodies are meant to take a lot of abuse and variation when it comes to food intake. As you improve, your body will allow you to have exception meals and later on, exception days. The truth is that I only follow the plan about half of the time now that I am symptom free. My suggestions for “how far to stray” are included in the program.Once you feel strong enough for long enough, you can consider taking days off the plan. Of course your digestive system will let you know if you started making exceptions too soon. Use common sense and “gut instinct,” and if you are under a doctor’s care, follow his/her advice regarding your progress. The rule of thumb would be to have two weeks without any symptoms before having an exception meal and two months without symptoms before taking an exception day.This may sound conservative, but the goal is to be symptom free, not to see how quickly you can get back to your old diet.The final note here is that your normal diet will cause you to have crohns, so you need to stay partially on the program for life or return to the disease. It may not seem fair, but the program allows you to eat all your normal foods anyway. It’s an excellent compromise in exchange for getting your life back.—- Mike Hohlweg, Founder, DPPF   

Call us for any reason! 
If you have further questions not answered here, feel free to call Rachel Hohlweg, the coauthor anytime:   

Your friends in healing, Rachel Hohlweg/Mike Hohlweg, author DPFF
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