Diverticulitis, Colitis, and Crohn’s symptoms can end using the Catalyst Food method.
Please Help Me Free
Helping people with digestive disorders is what our family does. In 10 years of business we have never denied anyone because they can’t afford to purchase. 
 There are problems with our charity however and we must discuss them briefly:
 We are a family business. Virtually everyone comes to our site from paid Google or Medical website ads. These ads cost many dollars per “Free” or purchasing customer. Free help customers cost us as much as purchasing customers. The average cost is over $20 per free or purchasing person!
 We get success stories and questions daily from people getting better from the Catalyst Avoidance diet. Believe us when we tell you that for some reason, “Free Help” customers don’t ask questions, don’t stay in touch, don’t join the FB group, and unlike purchasers, we never hear of their success. We suspect that when people get our digital book for free, it seems less valuable to them and they are not “invested” in the process.

We know all this but we will still not deny free help. 

If you do ask for free help, you will get it. Please use your integrity and honesty in deciding to ask and remember that we believe you are more likely to succeed if you simply save the money for the economy digital version.

If you choose to ask for free help, you must follow this procedure:
     Only written (not email) requests will be honored.
     Include your phone number (in case we cant read your writing so we can contact you) and your email address in your request since you will receive your digital book via email.
    State in your request that you have read and accept the terms and conditions found on the purchase page of the website.
    You must name your digestive disorder (diverticulitis, colitis, Crohn’s) so we can send you the correct book.
    Send your letter to: Pain Free Foods Free Help, 2910 Westway Drive, West Plains, Missouri 65775.
Your friends in healing,  
Mike, Sonia, and Rachel Hohlweg
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