Diverticulitis, Colitis, and Crohn’s symptoms can end using the Catalyst Food method.
*Disclaimer: "These testimonials were chosen for their positive outcome and may not represent the typical outcome or result from being on the diet. The overall health and even genetics of the dieter can affect their outcome. Your experience may certainly vary from those who have written these testimonials.”.
*Disclaimer  | July 1 2016 Ginny R  wrote:

*I can testify , Mike's book and the loving support from Sonia, and Rachel, will help you, After a year my CT scan shows no perforation on left side and no infection on the right side of my colon. I eat smart and added a product called RESTORE.COM to my regular routine. Just for extra insurance! I'm sure if I'd had the surgery last year, I wouldn't be writing this now. I had an abscess drained, high fever, severe diverticulitis pain. In hospital over a month. I'm 75 and suffered over 35 years. I owe my life to these folks. So glad I found them while I was sent home to recover for impending surgery with a bag! No surgery for this girl!! Have my life back now!!!*
*Disclaimer  | June 25 2016 BOBBI T wrote:
*Get the book painfreefoods.com amazing book! Has really helped me. Now working through if gluten is a factor. If your symptoms are bad I suggest 5-7 days on liquid diet which is what I did followed by a week on soft foods. Good luck :)*
*Disclaimer  | June 24 2016  

*It's helped me so much and I love this family given me hope in spite of prognosis.*
*Disclaimer  | June 22 2016 Elizabeth S wrote:  

*Hopefully when you're well into the diet you won't need antibiotics ever again. The ironic thing is they take away some things in us that we need to digest food well. RachelsTea.com sells Grapefruit Seed Extract which is a natural antibiotic and does not mess with your digestive system. However, I know I shouldn't contradict what a doctor has told you to do. It's just that I am one of the many that's been told by gastroenterologists, "We don't know what kind of diet you should be on.." Really? Maybe they could stand to just Google something once in awhile. All I Googled was, How to prevent diverticulitis and, Bam! There it was-Pain Free Foods right at the top of the page. I was ending a flare-up when I found the book and only two days after the diet I was completely symptom-free. Not only that but my sister-in-law said, "You're just glowing!" I said it must be because I FEEL GOOD (And so happy with the fact that I don't have to worry about getting diverticulitis all the time anymore!!)!!!*
*Disclaimer  | June 26 2016 BINZ S wrote:    

*It's helped me so much and I love this family given me hope in spite of prognosis.*
*Disclaimer  | June 18 2016 Tricia S wrote:

*I've been on the Pain Free Foods program since Feb. of my last diverticulitis attack. I was on liquids for 6 days and then went to soft foods for 6 days to give my digestive system some time to heal. I also have IBS-C and need to be very careful not to get constipated which really aggravates diverticulitis. I also take slippery elm (helps coat the lining of the intestines) and tumeric which is great for inflammation, Rachel's tea is also excellent. I can't tolerate oatmeal at all. Dairy products are also a no-no. I don't do well with red meat so I stick to eggs, fish and chicken. I try to not overeat at one sitting. The book is awesome for explaining what you need to know and do to get through the attacks. This group is also wonderful on advising you through this difficult time. Wish you the best.*
*Disclaimer  | June 17 2016 LYNN G wrote: 

*Pain free foods website and by the book it's a great program and it works good luck!*
*Disclaimer  | June 15 2016 GLORIA G wrote:

*Dear friends, I have been on your program for about two weeks now. I am stunned! My pain has subsided by almost 90%. In just two weeks following your diet instructions I have found relief that I hadn’t been able to find for almost a year and a half. Even the 10% that I still struggled with was when I stepped too far too soon. But even then the pain level went from a normal 6-7 to a 2-3. What was crazy for me was how I thought eating cottage cheese and yogurt would help me when I was hurting. I was throwing gas on the fire, when all along I thought I was doing something good. Thank you for your research and for helping us find relief. I am overjoyed!! Blessings to you and your staff.*
*Disclaimer  | June 12 2016 Helen wrote:

*I just wanted to say thank you, again for all your emails ,you have helped immeasurably. I'm fortunate that my wonderful husband supports me in everything I do. Bless you all.*
*Disclaimer  |  June 11 2016 Carolyn C wrote:

*Sent too soon, accidentally, so will Carry on. Your family & 'husbands' diet really a god send, followed your instructions completely got all the supplements you recommended and Rachel's tea, he took 3 wks off work to give it all our attention an the best start, he had diarhea constant for 10 months so we new new it would take more that a few weeks, you have probably heard all this before, it has took a few months now he's on no medication he's is in best health ever, your diet has changed the way we as a family eat, too us this diet has been nothing short of miraculous and thank you so much. He is still taking all the supplements recommended every day an just about to order more of Rachel's tea but would like to ask, should he still be taking all supplements or should he be taking a break from certain ones, I just a bit worried as he has no symptoms at all of the colitis and  Wondered if certain ones not necessary unless he has s flare up, also he has suffered heartburn every single day for 5 yrs and dosnt get that now either. Any advice at all is really appreciated. Thank you so much "*
*Disclaimer  | June 10 2016 TIM H wrote:

*Dearest Michael I have never been so thankful to receive information in my life. The program is working wonderfully for me.I started the program as soon as you sent me the info. There is no more pain in my gut and no more running to the bathroom umpteen times a day..I never realized how important food grouping is I am not having a hard time at all sticking to this program. I still say it was a Godsend. You came into my life at just the right time as I was quickly losing hope. I am 71 yrs old and I was thinking maybe my time was near. Not a pleasant feeling. I have a new lease on life thanks to you and your wonderful family. I will keep in touch.*

*Disclaimer  | June 10 2016  wrote:

*Thank you so much for your e-mail and particularly for the program. I do not have any pain but have had a lot of problems with different foods over the years with lots of bathroom drama. I was told last year that I have diverticulosis and so thought I would try this program when I found it on the internet. I have to say that it has made a difference already. I am feeling well, the program is not hard for me to follow and I do not have all that bathrom drama. Once again, thank you for the program.*

*Disclaimer  | May 21 2016 

*Hi I have been on the diet for a little over two weeks, and yes, I am PAIN FREE!!! When I started the diet I was working my way off tentacle for my colitis. I started this diet because the mentality wasn't working anymore. I have been off and on it for about a year and a half. I was tired of not feeling well, and the roller coaster ride of steroids. I got on the internet and found you! Praise God! What a blessing! The adjustment to yet another new diet was a challenge, but I am doing well and pain free!  I am gluten intolerant, so what's one more new curve in my diet?! Thank you all so much for the time and energy you put into this program. You are saving lives!*
*Disclaimer  | May 13 2016 Susan S wrote:  

*Hi!I wanted to write to thank you for all the help you have given me with my diagnosis and diet. They say knowledge is power and I didn’t haveany knowledge about this disease. (I have recently found out there could be some correlation between my Mom having suffered with colitis for years and  now my diverticulitis!) It has been almost 5 months now and I have not had any significant issues. No hospitalizations!! I am stomach pain free – every once in a while I might have a slight bathroom issue but overall I feel good – I have lost some weight – but I was able to do that OK. I find if I am too heavy on the carb side, that is when I have issues. I seem to be able to eat a little more variety now without fear of something going wrong. Mostly I thank you for giving me some information and recommendations as there was nothing given to me from my hospital visit or my primary Doctor. I didn’t know what I could safely eat!! I do the tea almost every day, sometimes twice a day, take salmon oil and slippery elm. So I feel like I am healing. I drink no pop, all water and I’m trying to cut back on the acidic foods – although all my favorites seem to be on that list!! Thank you again.*
*Disclaimer  | May 1 2016 KATHLEEN E wrote:

*Please...by all means go to pain free foods and there is help for those w limited resources. Get in contact w the Hohlweg family. They will guide you through the process so you have the materials you need. It's a solution to the pain and frustration you are experiencing. Do it today!! I hope to hear of positive results from you real soon. You can do this!!!*

*Disclaimer  | April 15 2016 Pam S wrote: 

*I feel I have been a pretty healthy eater too, but family history plays a big part in mine. Stomach acid is also caused by stress. I'm hyper, active and driven by the classic type A personality. ..all contribute to my digestion woes. At least I know what it is and can make smart choices now. I feel much better now with Pain Free Foods support, vs what I rec'd from traditional medicine at dr office and hospitals. I feel I have been a pretty healthy eater too, but family history plays a big part in mine. Stomach acid is also caused by stress. I'm hyper, active and driven by the classic type A personality. ..all contribute to my digestion woes. At least I know what it is and can make smart choices now. I feel much better now with Pain Free Foods support, vs what I rec'd from traditional medicine at dr office and hospitals.*

*Disclaimer  | April 15 2016 Bobbie D wrote:

*This is the best I have felt in a long time and I totally believe in it! So glad I found you. Thanks for the program and support.*

*Disclaimer  | April 10 2016 Scott S wrote:  

*Thank you for checking in and the great and useful info in the book.I'm doing much better and hadn't had any flair up yet.I went in for a scan prior to hernia surgery and was diagnosed with diverticulosis, I did indeed have a small double hernia , but the surgeon recommend a gastroenterologist and not to do the hernia surgery because he didn't think that was the cause of my discomfort. I am so glad I happened upon your sight as I was surfing looking for diverticulitis diets , I've made mistakes waiting for the book but now that I have it , it is a life saver . Thank you so much .ive been checking in with the group and picking up lots of good and useful info.*
*Disclaimer  | April 8 2016

*Buy the Book. I did and it changed my life and returned my health back to what it used to be. I was slowly poisoning myself with improper food groupings and found out all about GASTRIC EMPTYING and their chart on ALKALINE and ACIDIC FOOD CHARTS taught me a whole lot. I no longer have pain. I am no longer have GI PAIN or Constipation. I have lost weight and I am a much Happier and Healthier Human Being thanks to this "AMAZING" BOOK that was written by this very intelligent man who actually answered the phone and took the time to answer my questions which I found to be very comforting especially at a time in my life when no one around me had any advice to offer me because most people dont have any understanding of what DIVERTICULITIS consists of or how you can manage it. But that all changed once I got the book and read it from front to back. This book is now my "BIBLE OF HEALTH". I give 5 STARS to PAINFREEFOODS.COM*
*Disclaimer  | April 7 2016 

*Hi Rachael, thank you for the newsletter. Your thoughts and ideas about managing ones health care is very in tune with my own. I have not reached the chronic stage of digestive disorders and do not intend to. Your diet and other advice has worked for me. I feel better now after 18 months on this diet than I have in 20 years. I am just about to turn 62 so I should know what is good for me by now!!! Thanks again for sharing your research, knowledge and advice. It is much appreciated. Kind Regards*
*Disclaimer  |April 7 2016 Liezel B wrote: 

*The pain free foods book, if you have what any of us have ( from diverticulitis to colitis) you need the book to help you with what to eat without pain. It is a life saver. Well, for most of us here in the group anyway. Mike and Sonia and their family are great people and they are actually there to help us.  Btw, I have diverticulitis and it help me a lot to understand what I am dealing with and what I'm supposed to eat without being put back on antibiotics or being confine in a hospital. I have not been in a hospital since I was diagnosed with it in late January this year. So do yourself a favour and help yourself heal. Get the book and see for yourself. Hope this help?*
*Disclaimer  | April 6 2016 Dee wrote:  

*Hello, just wanted to touch base and let you know that I have been feeling really good for the past few months. I havent had an attack these past few months. Im thinking that cutting out my evening glass of wine did the trick. I cant thank you enough for all the tips and correspondence and support. thankyou again, as I continue to make this food regimen my life's journey.*
*Disclaimer  | April 2 2016 Phil  wrote: 

*Hi Guys! Your tea absolutely works and worth every dollar. Just bought 2 bags.*
*Disclaimer  | April 1 2016 SHAUNA Y wrote:

*I started taking this but found out that I wasn't supposed to have grapefruit with my blood pressure medication. So stopped taking it because of that. Your products and idea's have helped me. Thank you"*

*Disclaimer  | February 6 2016 JOANNE T wrote:

Thank you for the valuable information you provide. I've had Crohn's for 40+ years and never saw anything as effective as your guidelines. I've always avoided the meds and they often laughed at my protocol that mostly worked without knowing why? You have explained it and proven it with 100% positive results. A life changer! Thank you."
*Disclaimer  | February 3 2016 Marty C wrote:

*Thank you to all at Pain Free Foods. I was scheduled for a colon resection last week and am happy to report that I cancelled the surgery. 3 weeks prior to surgery I decided to do a water fast for as long as I could handle. Every day my colon rested just seemed to get better. After 8 days of just water and a total of 12 days without solid food, I feel as good as I have felt in years. Since eating again, I have stuck to the program and will soon begin to alkaline my body. Pain free foods has been the best resource!!! I will be happy to help anyone interested in a long term water fast journey.*

*Disclaimer  | February 1 2016 BRENT M wrote:

*Naps are good. Your body is healing. I am finally starting to feel normal energy again after about 6 months on the diet. Still need shorter naps. I have been able to stay away from meds because of the diet. I don't imagine meds help. I am so thankful for this diet.*

*Disclaimer  | January 26 2016 

*Thank You Sonia, I have been reviewing Mikes Video's all day. I am not only impressed, but I feel this is exactly what I need now. My surgeon is great, he took me as far as he can, now I need to have a program like this. He did not rush into surgery until his back was against the wall.To bad for me that I did not know about your family two years ago, when I had such a bad attack that landed me in the hospital for six weeks, emergency surgery and a bag for a year and a half. Now I have had my reversal and never want to back there again.*

*Disclaimer  | January 26 2016 BEVERLY K wrote: 

*Thank you for reminding me of how wonderful you and Michael are! Last year at this time I developed a severe case of Diverticulitis, after getting no relief from my Dr. I stumbled across your program and within a few days I knew you were the real deal! My Diverticulitis cleared  within a few weeks after starting the program. Recently, because of the holidays and all the food temptations, I've experienced a minor flare up. Around the same time I began receiving your latest update emails to the program and started the 4 day no meat treatment for which I'm just finishing up tonight. My symptoms have diminished and I feel better again; thank you again for that! I think it was the peanuts that caused the flare up or maybe it was the cookies but regardless thanks to you when a flare up does occur I know how to battle it. I have downloaded your new book but haven't read through it yet, I'm sure it will be very informative as well as easy reading as in your first edition.*

*Disclaimer  | January 18 2016 Mary S wrote: 

*I am still following the Painfree  online edition I purchased from you. My diverticulitis is still being controlled with your diet. I would appreciate being sent a free update by email. I have not joined Face Book yet. Thanks!*
*Disclaimer  | January 11 2016 Jeff L wrote: 

*Thanks for keeping in touch.  As I told Rachel, this is working beautifully for me and I believe has changed my life.  I would like to get a copy of your expanded eat out guide if possible.  Let me know if I owe you anything else. Regards!*

*Disclaimer  | January 11 2016

*It is so true that we are all wired differently . I hope you have continued success ! Please let us know how you are in the future. My sincere blessings ! As for now I'm healed without surgery. No more flare ups. And I don't mind eating starch alone without meat. I will share this recipe that I'm getting addicted to. Bake butternut squash or buy it cubed. Add chicken broth (qt) add hot ..madras curry to taste. Blend and drink hot, so far everyone loves it if you like spicy hot. Sooooooo good. I've also started taking enzymes before my meals. Especially if I have meat. As I'm living without a gallbladder it helps digest the fats. I only post what works for me. I was too sick to even get a colonoscopy prior to the surgery. But that's in the past. Slippery Elm before meals is still a must. My opinion is that even after surgery you must continue your proper food combinations forever. You still have more feet of colon to go back to the same disease. I hope I'm wrong for your sake. Please continue to let us know how your doing. It would benefit the entire group. So thanks, kootos to you. Be well,and be happy!!*

*Disclaimer  |  January 7 2016 

*Everyone I know tells me how great I look with my new smiling face. I smile now more than ever because I'm not in pain. I'll never go off this diet. If I listened to doctors I would be living a different life, one with a bag. So many friends are on the program now, I shout it from the hills.So spread the word if you care about your friends. Why should anyone suffer when the solution is so simple!! You'd all be surprised to learn just how many people you know are suffering with diverticulitis !!*

*Disclaimer  | January 7 2016 

That is great. My health has also improved tremendously, dropped 6kg but now put on 2. Hope I stay there. All is good in my world and follow the diet. What I have added to my daily diet due to the suggestion of a nutritionist is gelatin and bone broth. Can't do any harm, all good nutrients.

*Disclaimer  | January 5 2016 

*My doc said he's never seen healing the colon with fasting and food combinations in his life, can't believe I did it. Now he's amazed it's lasting. He wants to see me in 6 months. This is the same Doctor that told me. 6 months ago that I'd die without emergency surgery. Glad I didn't listen, glad I don't have a bag!!! so thankful for finding my new family the Hohlwegs.*

*Disclaimer  | January 5 2016 DEBBIE W  wrote:

*I too have told my doc and he's amazed. One year ago he recommended surgery. I said no and found this website. Have been faithful ever since. Thank you, Rachel and your family for the many hours you take to respond to everyone! This group is so great! I belong to another dd group and they are in an out of the hospital with surgeries and everything. I've tried to tell them about Pain Free so hopefully some have heard. Again, thank you Rachel!*

*Disclaimer  | December 30 2015 

*Hi Rachel! It's been quite a while.... Just letting you know that following the chart and combo eating was the best thing for my diverticulitis. I'm still not eating the five no-no foods and really don't miss them at all even though some were my most favorites in my daily diet up to a whole year ago. Yes....it's been a whole year and virtually pain free ....except when unknowingly making a not so good choice when eating out (once in Mazatlan) but it was not a bad one. I'm so happy to be free of the consequences of not knowing the combos that create flare ups! Now it's easy to make good choices and still have fun eating and going out! Thank you so much and I will stay in touch! Looking forward to your new book Rachel! Take care and God bless!*

*Disclaimer  | December 30 2015 TINA B wrote:

*My doc said he's never seen healing the colon with fasting and food combinations in his life, can't believe I did it. Now he's amazed it's lasting. He wants to see me in 6 months. This is the same Doctor that told me. 6 months ago that I'd die without emergency surgery. Glad I didn't listen, glad I don't have a bag!!! so thankful for finding my new family the Hohlwegs.*

*Disclaimer  | December 30 2015 

*Rachel, Vanessa had her 5 month GI follow up. Dr had originally prescribed 6mp, Remicade and Prednisone 40mg tapered over 2 months. Vanessa's blood test were great and her Fcal stool test(specific for GI inflammation) dropped over 72%. While the Fcal is still well above normal range it is trending in correct direction. On a side note the originally Fecal test was the "highest" the Dr had ever recorded.She had remembered we refused the meds and asked what we did to get these fantastic results.I explained that we used the prednisone and the diet.Dr quickly acknowledged that the prednisone can help but once we stopped the predisone all the symptoms would have returned. She said it had to be the diet.Vanessa went on to explain the details of the diet. Dr said that this was a diet hat is knew to her. Dr explained in Europe they are using parenteral nutrition and in 10 weeks time patients are relieved of there Chrohns symptoms but the symptoms always return within a few weeks of returning to a regular diet. Her point being; there is a link between nutrition and Chrons but no one has discovered this link.The Dr told Vanessa the diet may be that missing "link" between diet and Chohn's. The Dr told Vanessa to keep following the diet and return in March. At that point if Vanessa is still doing well than she would be officially in remission.The Dr thanked Vanessa for NOT taking the meds and following the diet. At that point I mentioned we would be meeting the head of pediatrics in the next few weeks and asked if the Gi Dr would like to come to the meeting. She said yes and then started to ask a lot of specific questions regarding the diet. Lastly,she told Vanessa to keep a journal because in 5 months she would be able prove the diet was working.Thank you for giving my daughter her life back.*

*Disclaimer  | December 22 2015 Marty C wrote:

*So far so good. On my 5th day of (10 day) water fast and I'm feeling like the change is happening. My plan right now is to cancel this colon resection. Been pouring over lots of research and looking forward to the pain free program in the coming weeks. For now, I'm in healing mode. Thanks for the great support.*

*Disclaimer  | December 20 2015 Celeste L wrote:

*Thanks so much for this helpful group. I have been on other diverticulitis groups and have found a lot of negativity. What I need is realistic help, which I feel this group will provide. Thanks for all of your help!*

*Disclaimer  | December 20 2015 Lynne B wrote:

*I learned immediately that while I am recovering from SEVERE episode, that I need to stay away from even fresh organic fruit still. And not even a tsp of cream in coffee. I am deeply grateful for this new PFF resource.*

*Disclaimer  | December 30 2015

*Rachel, Vanessa had her 5 month GI follow up. Dr had originally prescribed 6mp, Remicade and Prednisone 40mg tapered over 2 months. Vanessa's blood test were great and her Fcal stool test(specific for GI inflammation) dropped over 72%*

*Disclaimer  |  December 10 2015 

*My doctor asked me again for the site name and about 6-8 weeks ago so he could give it to one of his patients. Isn’t that great? He’s awesome! He recognizes a good thing when he sees one… He knows how well I’m doing following this strategic planning and eating..*

*Disclaimer  | December 30 2015 

*Rachel, thank you so much for your help.  I have seen Larry suffer now for years with diverticulitis and we were at our wits end.  Didn't know what to do.  Since we have become acquainted with your program he is much better! For us you and Michael are a miracle.  Thank you, Thank you!*

*Disclaimer  | December 1 2015 Larry & Linda R wrote:

*Rachel, Vanessa had her 5 month GI follow up. Dr had originally prescribed 6mp, Remicade and Prednisone 40mg tapered over 2 months. Vanessa's blood test were great and her Fcal stool test(specific for GI inflammation) dropped over 72%*

*Disclaimer  | November 3 2015

*Hi there I have been dealing with divert since 2008 and have learned on my own many things that either help or hurt, but my current attack has been very stubborn, and what I've been doing no longer seems effective. This led me to once again search the web where I was lucky t find your site. Your program confirms many of my beliefs, and validate that I was headed in the right direction, but it also provides new tools to help me get on with healing. I just added a few of them yesterday, and I'm already feeling better! I'm not going to lie food grouping will be a huge challenge for me as well as avoiding processed foods. I'm hoping and praying I make the adjustments as quickly and easily as possible! THANK YOU for the program and the FB support group!*

*Disclaimer  | October 14 2015 

*I've had diverticulitis since my twenties mow I'm 75, this diet is working for me. All I get from Doctors is threats of colostomy and wearing a bag. Antibiotics have ruined my digestion and gave me painful I.B.S. Slippery Elm capsules and Mike's tea really helps. Mike's book and Sonya's and daughter Rachel will help you through this. I believe we're all wired differently so you'll have to keep a diary. See what your triggers are and try to live without stress as much as possible in this stressful world. I'm not new to pain but new to this way of life. It's the only true help I've ever had. Hang in there, make a commitment to yourself, for yourself. Nobody can do or will do it for you I've found for myself!! It seriously can be done. Future good health is coming your way.*   

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