Diverticulitis, Colitis, and Crohn’s symptoms can end using the Catalyst Food method.
*Disclaimer: "These testimonials were chosen for their positive outcome and may not represent the typical outcome or result from being on the diet. The overall health and even genetics of the dieter can affect their outcome. Your experience may certainly vary from those who have written these testimonials.”.
*Disclaimer  | October 25 2017 Cheryl  wrote: 

*Hi, thank you, started the program just over a week ago, and I am feeling much better for eating this way.  
Thank you*
*Disclaimer  | October 26 2017 Terri  wrote:
*I am in complete agreement w/you about buying herbs in health food stores. I, Terri have worked in so many health food stores throughout my lifetime. Some of these teas sit on the shelves of health food stores for years. Not all teas have expiration dates on them, especially loose teas. I love your digestive tea formula and I look so forward to getting up early every morning and having my cup of tea w/my Bible. Nothing compares to this.  Thanks for all of your emails, everyone is so helpful.*
*Disclaimer  | August 8 2017 Barb  wrote:  

I had a follow up colonoscopy a couple weeks ago. Looking much better! My gastroenterologist thinks my CT scan from three months prior was a mistake. It showed very acute diverticulitis with a notable abscess. He wanted me to have surgery, and IV antibiotics. Instead, I went through a round of oral antibiotics, and bought the PFF program. I have followed Mike's advice carefully. I told my gastro what I have been doing, but he does not believe me. My family doctor DOES believe me, and will pass on PFF website info to his other patients. I am not out of the woods yet, but feel confident that I will fully get my life back. For those out there who are suffering....do this program. It is not difficult, especially when the payoff is reducing pain. I eat with forethought, and a little planning. Pain Free Foods saved my life, and my quality of life, and I am so very grateful.*
*Disclaimer  | July 5 2017 Ann Marie Clavette wrote:   

*Good morning, 
I just wanted to let you know that I am already on the Facebook group, which I love.  Thank you so much for all your help.*
*Disclaimer  | February 24 2017 MJ Metzler wrote:    

*I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 5 years ago. I have always been a small petite person but never this bad.  In the last 5 years I have been terrify of ALL food because of flare up after flare up. I have weigh 98 pounds or less for 5 years and finally got tired of being sick and ask God please teach me how to eat.  The very next day my 94 years old grandma gave me your book and your food grouping chart. I said to her that is not what I have but I will give it a try and 3 months later I have never felt this good! Please introduce this to every doctor in the world with colitis problems because I asked over and over for a diet that will work for me and nothing workedfor 5 years. I was scared for my own life and felt like I will not and can not make it much longer.  Sad to feel yourself simply giving up on life. Thank you and God bless you.*
*Disclaimer  | June 12 2017 Rick Chilman wrote:   

*Hi Mike and family, 
I have been doing the programme for four weeks approx now and am really starting to feel better.  I have had several bouts of diverticulitis over maybe a couple of years and had a very scary one some three months back which convinced me I,ve got to change my life and do something about it, hence your programme. 
We live in the country and grow nearly all our own fresh foods ,veges etc and I do a lot of hunting deer ,goats etc so was surprised to have this problem in the first place. 
However ,understanding that it’s the way we eat that makes the difference has been amazing. I had always wondered what the problem was and its taken years to finally find out after all the tests etc. 
You are so right ,doctors don’t cure anything just feed drugs to treat symptoms. 
This is not completely easy ,but I am getting better at it and don’t have to look anything up anymore, your ongoing tips are much appreciated and very helpful. 
Many thanks and kind regards*
*Disclaimer  | July 9 2017 Narelle (Marcia )Green wrote:   

*Thank you Rachel and your family. I carefully read all your most helpful emails. Your understanding and the information you share has allowed me to control my diet so that I have been able to avoid any flare ups or episodes of “Diver” for several months.  Keep up the good work*
*Disclaimer  | January 2 2017 Sonia Venegas wrote: 

*Hi There! 
I have been doing "great" with following the diet from Pain Free Diverticulitis for the past almost 2 years. Thank you - I couldn't have done this without your help!! :-)*
*Disclaimer  | April 5 2017 Maria Faku wrote:   

*Thank you very much guys. you have been such a help i am feeling much better since i hooked up with you.👏😀*
*Disclaimer  | March 15 2017 Donna wrote:  

*Thank you very much for the new recipies.*
*Disclaimer  | February 4 2016 Narelle Rendalls wrote:

*I wanted to tell you of the great success I've had. In May 2016 (aged 64) I was diagnosed with Crohns but because I was otherwise healthy, not on any medication and not having severe symptoms, my doctor had agreed not to put me on medication for Crohns for a while. I found your site at that time and started on your program and my symptoms almost disappeared. I'm not always 100% true to the program however I've changed my diet considerably in line with your strategies.  I went for a follow up with my doctor in early March and on receiving results of my blood tests, she advised that she thought she would need to start me on medication and due to my doubts wanted me to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy. I had my doubts because my symptoms had virtually gone although I would have occasional bleeding etc.  After the tests, my doctor came and told me no medication and stay on the diet.  As she said this to me in the recovery room, I needed to check with her that is in fact what she said later in the week and this was confirmed.  I am yet to have my follow up appointment with her to find out if internally I have healed, but I am confident that adopting your program has indeed helped me.  I am also encouraged to be stricter with my diet and have encouraged my friend to obtain a copy of the program for her son's girlfriend who's had crohns since her late teens.  Thank you and keep up the good work.  I will be forever greatful that you have provided such rich support for those diagnosed with Crohns.     Many thanks*

*Disclaimer  | January 1 2017 Gen W. wrote: 

*I am so grateful to Michael for this program. I think I am alive because of it.  At age 68, in 2014 I had a severe attack, diagnosed as diverticulitis.  I had so little confidence in allopathic treatments and prayed earnestly for REAL help.  In a casual conversation with someone I hardly knew, I learned about Michael's book.  If you learn and follow it, I promise it works!  I made the mistake of thinking I had it all down pat, but recently had a flare up and quickly reread the book and found my mistakes.  You cannot be lazy or nonchalant about this business.  If you hurt bad enough, (and you will I something doesn't change), you will be quick to make needed changes, and grateful to know what changes need to be made!  Someone suffered greatly to learn this program. I grieve for the multitudes who suffer and do not know where to turn.  Thank you Michael, and your family. I pray for your health and success and you move this work forward.*

*Disclaimer  | June 27 2017 Jennifer wrote:

*Thank you so much for giving me my husband back ❤️ 
I honestly thought that I was just throwing more money away when I purchased the book. I was at my wits end and my husband was at the doctor at least once a month. After 12 months of using your program I can say we haven't had a flare up (a few tummy aches but certainly not the reaction to food that used to last for days/weeks). Slippery elm and grapefruit seed extract are our lifeline and we certainly know if he's forgotten to take it. Antibiotic free since starting it and I have a happy, healthier man to share my life with. I've had to learn to shop and cook a little differently but it hasn't been difficult and we both eat the same meals. I admit that his condition is definitely not as bad as what I read some people experiencing but I just wonder how much worse things might have become without this intervention. Thanks again for changing our lives 😘*
*Disclaimer  | May 27 2017 Patricia wrote:   

*Hey guys , I have been on Tumeric/ Cucumin for 2 months now ... Haven't had a flare at all , I've actually have had friends tell me i don't look like I'm pregnant anymore .No bloating regular bathroom calls !! Make sure if you buy it , it has bioperine it's a black pepper to help absorb better ..*

*Disclaimer  | April 23 2017 Terri Kosinski wrote:

*I am doing so well now I will not eat any foods that I know will cause me to have pain. I like being gluten/free & sugar free. I did find out I do not have colitis...so happy about that.*

*Disclaimer  | March 9 2017 Nancy wrote:   

*Feeling better, I am sure glad I came across your website*

*Disclaimer  | July 7 2017 Dr. Claire Cummings wrote: 

*I have had fantastic success with Pain Free for the last 4 years and this year with the healthy loss of 40 lbs!  I am happy to sing your praises!  I love you guys and your extremely valuable work saving  and educating thousands of sufferers.  You deserve a medal! 
All the Best*

*Disclaimer  | July 1 2017 Jan wrote:   

*Thank you for your e mails ,best money I ever spent buying your book...*
*Disclaimer  | January 26 2017 Valene wrote:

*MY name Valene. I was in the ER on Jan. 7  with acute Diverticulitis. On Jan. 8 we found your web site. We ordered the book and started on the diet of not mixing food types. I have always had problems with stomach pains; about 2 or 3 times a month. Since I started the pain free foods plan, I have not had one stomach pain. IT REALLY DOES WORK. Sometimes it is hard and confusing to me but I am really trying because it is working.  My brother asked, are you going to eat like this for the rest of your life? and I said YES. I don't have that bloating feeling any more and I have lost a little weight. Thank you for the book and the help. I don't want those pains ever again.*
*Disclaimer  | February 9 2017 Peggy wrote: 

I have been meaning to write and tell you how amazing I have found your way of eating.  I use to suffer an attack every three to four weeks, no matter how careful I was.  In desperation I was googling to see what I could eat and not have attacks when I came across your site.  Best move I ever made.  I have been attack free for 4months and feeling amazing.  I have to admit the hardest part was the alcohol but I did it and survived.  I have an extremely busy life whereby have to attend functions and dinners sometimes several times a week and have found the easiest way of eating then is vegetarian.  So simple. 
I have recommended you to so many people, not sure how many can be bothered to make the effort but believe me they should it is a small effort for a huge difference.  I love the emails each week, great support. 
Thank you.*
*Disclaimer  |January 27 2017 Pam Witmer wrote:  

*Just letting you know that I fully appreciate this “diet”.  I’m beginning my 3rd week and have been pain free from the diverticulitis and the symptoms that go along with it.  I have been suffering for many years from this and can hardly believe the changes in such a short time. 
I still have lots to learn, but so far things have been good.  Even my husband has noticed a difference in me.  It is hard to function well when you have this condition because you can be so uncomfortable most of the time. 
I was taking Mira-lax every morning just to keep my system going.  Haven’t taken any since I started this diet and haven’t had any problem. 
I have suffered from constipation most all my life and this is the first time I have done so well without some sort of medication.
That alone is worth my staying on this program of eating. 
Praying things stay this way…… 
Thanks for all the information you provide!*
*Disclaimer  | April 4 2017 Susan wrote:    

*Received my book thank you so much this will help me more than you know ya have been a blessing and a god sent to me I'm so glad I found your site thank you again so much have a blessed day 
Also I'm taking the slippery elm I can tell a big difference in my gut my bowel movements are back to normal I'm not having to take anything to help them along .Thanks again for your help may God bless each and everyone of you . 
I love love love this tea. It has helped me so much. I have shared it, enjoyed it, and has soothed my aches...Thanks so much for putting together such an amazing Tea!!!!! *
*Disclaimer  | June 19 2017 Karina wrote:  

*Thank you I really do like reading these things you are sending  I'm not going to cheat cz. I don't want to hurt I was to the point of not eating cz. I was scared to hurt but when I found your site I automatically  felt better I really did get good vibes from ya .I'm reading the book have my eat out guide and loving it and thanking God for ya every day may he continue to bless each and every one of you .Thanks again for helping me just knowing ya care means more than you to me*
*Disclaimer  | February 21 2017 Alan wrote:   

*Just want to let you know I am feeling better following your program. I have noticed a good feeling I had not felt in a long time. It can be challenge , but the reward is worth it.*

*Disclaimer  | March 18 2017  Lynn wrote:

*Feeling much better!  Pain gone.  Tried the slippery elm, helped with constipation.  LOVE the tea! 
Your customer service is simply awesome. 
Your company is a real blessing for us who suffer from this disease.  I am grateful I found your website.  I consider it a God thing because I was looking for something else that is very close to your name. ...and found the pain free food site. 
Thanks again!*

*Disclaimer  | May 7  2017 Louise Venetucci wrote: 

*Just want to say “thank you” for all your help, advise and the book, and the tea and everything.  I am feeling so much better and the pain in my gut is going away!  I appreciate you all so much………I will keep you posted on this new adventure.  Plan to talk with my doctor about all this as the doctors do not have information that helps! 
much love*

*Disclaimer  | February 26 2017 Joyce wrote:

*I have been dealing with digestive issues all my life.  Even as a child, I have vivid memories of pain, and distress.  As an adult, my life was affected daily, on the whims of my gut.  I have progressed from diagnoses of stomach ulcers, IBS, diverticulosis, bleeding ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, and abscesses.  My last year has been very challenging, and the most recent episode nearly took me out.  My recovery is still ongoing.  
These conditions are not every day topics of conversation, but it seems they are becoming more and more prevalent.  We all know someone who has some degree of digestive problems.  Causes may be due to genetics, stress, the American diet, and even personality type.  For those of us who suffer, we just want to get better and will try most anything to do so.  
While at the height of my most recent crisis, I discovered something wonderful and life changing.  Pain Free Foods, founded by Michael Hohlweg, is devoted to helping folks such as myself heal and regain our lives.  I purchased Mike’s books, joined their Facebook support group, and altered the way I eat.  I also have been enjoying the benefits of a special tea invented by Mike (Rachel’s Digestive Relief Tea, from Rachelstea.com.)  It has been the most soothing thing I have found. 
The relief I have experienced with this program has been such a blessing.  I have been eating a “healthy” diet for years, but did not realize I was creating imbalances that were harmful to my digestive health.  The level of my understanding of how to eat for optimal digestive health has now changed dramatically.  The Pain Free Foods program is easy to follow, yet there are many important details to know.  While the information in this program is priceless, the one-time cost is only about the same as a co-pay with my gastroenterologist.  Certainly, a fraction of what I would have paid for an ambulance, the emergency room, inpatient hospital treatment and surgery.  I believe I avoided these things with my new eating plan.  I now have a lifetime of support from the Pain Free Foods Team.  This means everything to me.  I am not out of the woods yet. 
My CT scan revealed some other troubling issues still to be dealt with; but at least I am no longer causing myself pain with food.  If you or anyone you care about has digestive issues, I encourage you to explore PainFreeFoods.com.  Mike and his daughter, Rachel also did some informative YouTube videos.  Check them out. 
I am forever grateful for Pain Free Foods.*

*Disclaimer  | March 5 2017 Anonymous wrote: 

*I just have to tell everyone about Macro Greens and Miracle Reds. I bought them from Rachel's Tea website. Got them 6 days ago. I had been sooo tired, dealing with this diverticulitis/UC/abscess. Daily living activities wore me OUT! I tried a half scoop of both products, and within 30 minutes, I was up looking for a project. I ended up mowing the whole yard, watered and weeded the garden, and stood in the middle of the yard marveling that I still didn't feel like keeling over. Slept like a rock all night long. I took them before my YMCA swim exercise class, and folks commented that I looked more rested.
The label says to mix with juice, but they taste great by themselves in very cold water. So glad Mike and the PFF Team recommends these products...otherwise, I would not have tried them. They are helping me be more active, and along with eating the PFF way, I have hope of getting my life back.*

*Disclaimer  | June 17 2017 Louise venetucci wrote:  

*Good morning dear friends, 
Just want to say thank you for your emails and reminders to stay with the program.  I am feeling so much better using the tea and tumeric and just received the slippery elm yesterday.  Have been on flagyl and cipro and it is not fun……and very scary!  Am taking probiotics every day now………..  Keep up the great work you are doing; you and your family are so much appreciated…… 
much love*

*Disclaimer  | June 17 2017 Louise venetucci wrote:   

*Thank you so so much for the advise and direction.  You are so kind to send out these emails and remind us of what needs to be done to keep us on track.  I am feeling so much better and have no symptoms.  Have broken the rules a few times……very few!  And my body seemed to take it in stride.  I am so grateful to you all for your guidance……….
much love*

*Disclaimer  | June15 2016 Joe Cirrinicione wrote:  

*“Mike, the tutorial is excellent ! Very informative ! I can\'t believe for the $40 I am getting all that you offer. I have ordered Rachel\'s tea on a monthly reorder basis, it truly works! Thank you, I just wish I knew about you & your program years ago. I am slowly recovering by following the food groupings exactly & avoiding the trigger foods completely ( I was a big yogurt eater because I thought I was doing something good for my Divirticulitis ? I believe in your program & I was such an \" abuser\" of the basic practical suggestions i.e. Drinking during meals, not chewing properly, & of course mixing p & s groups at every meal! Thanks again, please keep the videos & e mails coming, they are very helpful. “*

*Disclaimer  | June15 2016  Anthony Vara wrote

*“I can’t thank you enough your program seems to be the best I ever heard of I started on it some what as I am on meds for a flare up of Diverticulitis but I have been eating the way you have said not mixing food and that seems to make a big difference I want to thank You and your Wife And Daughter. it is nice that there is people who care about others.” 
“I found this information to be invaluable. Thank you so much. I have now been using your program for about a year and a half. Prior to that I had three episodes of diverticulitis within a year and was becoming a little worried. The program is very easy to follow and well worth the time in understanding how it works.  I found you online and what I was reading made a lot of sense to me. I downloaded your book and read it thoroughly and that all made sense as well. The other thing that is kind of neat is that when I make a mistake I am aware of immediately. Anyway, I plan to stick with this routine. It appears to be working. I feel much better and my life has improved in many ways. Again, thank you very much. Penny”*

*Disclaimer  | June 18 2016  Terry-Anne wrote:

*“Good evening Mike & Sonia, I have emailed a couple of times to try & have you re-send a link so I can re-set my PW to get the tutorials I paid for with book subscription.  I am having trouble accessing them & would like to have them in my library of information. I had an excellent colonoscopy check-up today & it's all due to the food combining I am doing with the book & products I purchase off Rachel's tea website.  I give your entire family the credit as to why I feel great & have improved immensely, thank you for your guidance & helpful support in keeping & staying healthy”  “Having just received the digital package, I took a quick look at some of the tutorials then read through a few pages of the book. I actually purchased this package to help my mother who suffers from diverticulitis but I now realise that I may need it too since I suffer from bloating and gas at times. “ 
“I have been vegetarian for most of my life but I dislike many foods on the normal vegetarian diet, eg. eggplant, asparagus, avocado, mushrooms etc. and I don't like eggs unless they are well hidden within the recipe. I tend to eat grain breads and pasta with tomato and parmesan cheese when I'm hungry. My diet is quite poor really because my food choices are limited, I eat junk food and I dislike cooking but I thank dairy products for my calcium intake. I struggle to find any diet that caters adequately to my specific needs and so I continue on my road to gradual obesity.”  “Over the years my diet hasn't changed but my body has; thanks to childbirth, changing hormones and aging. My body no longer copes with the demands I place on it and my thyroid function is low which affects my metabolism; consequently, I have gradually gained weight and have transitioned from a slim, energetic young woman into an overweight, out of condition older woman. It makes me sad that I have neglected myself for so long but I am a positive person with a sunny outlook and I believe that today is the start of the rest of my life. I look forward to perusing through the recipe pages and absorbing knowledge from the tutorials in the hope that I may find a healthier direction for not only my life but that of my mother's as we do this journey together. Thank you for all the effort involved in producing this program and for sharing it with the world. ☺
Warmest regards, Terry-Anne”*

*Disclaimer  | June 18 2016 Jill Fenton wrote: 

*“Hi Corinne, I thought I forward this to you.  I have been following their plan (way to eat) ever since I ended up in the hospital last August with a severe infection in my colon.  It scared the crap out of me for they told me people can die from it.  I have had some reoccurring issue but nothing like landed me in the hospital.  I have followed this plan it is for anyone who has Digestive Disorders and has helped me so much.  
I have a different issue than yours but when I saw this email I believe this one my help you.  This folks have helped me more with the food issues than my own specialists.
“  Rachael and Michael, I just want to thank you for your website and book.  I have been following the book for seven weeks now and have had only one attack in that time and was able to determine what caused it.  I haven't felt this good in years and have so much more energy again!  The doctors really don't know how to deal with the maintenance of diverticulitis only drugs to heal infections.  I don't know where I would have turned to get help in getting better.  It's been great also on Facebook to communicate with others dealing with the same issues.  I have and will continue to applaud the pain free food website to others. 
Thank you again. 
Jill Fenton”*

*Disclaimer  | June 22 2016 Michael J wrote:

*“Hi Sonia! Thank you, again, for writing to me. I have been feeling much better, have been following the dine out card for my meal choices, and have received my very first order from Rachel’s store just yesterday. I took Slippery Elm last night and again this morning, and had a cup of the wonderful tea with breakfast. I have cut back on the fresh fruit, but not stopped it altogether. I have really cut back on red meat, sticking with chicken and fish primarily. I am truly enjoying this program, and have dropped 12 pounds in the past 3-4 weeks without really trying to do that.
My journey is a blessed one, especially with the Hohlweg clan backing me up…yay! 
Have a wonderful weekend…
Michael J”*

*Disclaimer  | June 29 2016 Margaret Downie  wrote:

*“thank you for checking in . I'm doing very well, and just passed the 2 week mark with no meat or dairy, or fresh veggies.  all veggies steamed, and all fruit was canned..  now eating chicken and turkey in limited portions, and some fresh fruit. having no more pain, maybe an occassional twinge... but none for 48 -72 hours. I'm enjoying less bloat overall, some weight loss and i'm recovering from the antibiotics well....taking pro biotics.  I thank you again for having a pdf version of your book available upon payment. 
it saved me ! Regular Dr.'s have no real concept of eating vs. this condition, and your recommendations have been the ticket. thanks again ! - Joanie  p.s. 
my wife is on this diet too now, as she has multiple health issues, and she just ordered Mike's Tea for us.”*

*Disclaimer  | June 29 2016 Margaret Downie  wrote:

*“Hi Sonia, Rachel and Mike. It's Andrew here from Masterton New Zealand. I want to thank you all very much for the integrity of what you have done and are doing. It was a real surprise to recieve the Painfree Foods Book less than a week after ordering it from half way round the world! I ordered it on behalf of an elderly (but very energetic) friend who had been suffering for years with acid reflux etc and then suddenly landed up in hospital with acute intestinal pain and a diagnosis of Diverticulitis. When I saw some of Mikes clips on YOUTUBE, it really smacked of truth to me. Having immediately read the full text of the book upon payment (a very outward and sympathetic gesture which you very kindly make available), I was able to relate everything to her and have now given her the book. She is one of those people who just gets on and ignores problems but i guess sooner or later she will probably be respecting your every word. I thank you personally for all the insight contained and the good work you are all doing to truely benefit humanity and save us from the fruits of our own ignorance.  
May God Bless you all for your effort and right motives. Thankyou. Andrew Pettit. “ 
Your recommendations seem to be working for me.  I have been sticking to the rules from your book and it has certainly been working for me. I am back to normal bowel habits, which I haven't had for more than 4 months.  The rule on yogurt is very surprising, not that I like yogurt anyway, but many of my friends kept advising me to take it.  Thank you, Pain Free Food, you certainly have worked for me. Thank you. Margaret Downie”

*Disclaimer  | July 2 2016 Debra Kim Rice  wrote:

“Just wanted to let you know that I’ve followed all the device in my “Diverticulitis Pain Free Foods” book and it’s saved me. I started with the combinations rule, made very basic combinations, avoided foods I suspected of causing problems and I’ve been pain free for months now.  Giving up some foods I used to love wasn’t even tough, realizing they were going to ‘cost too much’.  I stuck to the rules and started out slow – eating just a few of the foods on the list – and gradually I added others, keeping to the combinations rule at all times, and I haven’t had any pain or trouble at all. My husband had to adopt my new style of eating and – BONUS! – he hasn’t had his occasional indigestion at all.  Gone!He sees the sense of all this too and is thrilled that I’m feeling so much better. Your program makes so much sense and, best of all, it works!  I just can’t thank you enough!! Debra Kim Rice”*

*Disclaimer  | Aug 15 2016 Clara Melloni wrote:

*“I can’t believe the difference I feel, its wonderful to not have blotted and stuffed feeling most of the time and never a hungry feeling. So much calmer feeling in the gut. Now I'm working on more water intake between meals, trying not to mix protein with starch that's been a big challenge, so much better in one weeks time.  Thank you so much for the encouragement,
Clara Melloni”*

*Disclaimer  | March 21 2016 Cathy Sandman wrote:

*“Hi Rachel, I have been following your plan and I am now delighted to tell you that I am doing very very well.  I am onto the second part of the program now., 
Your food grouping chart is wonderful - so easy to follow and presents so many options and challenges for interesting and delightful menus. It is winter here in Australia, so of course soups and warming foods are the order of the day. “ 
“It's only been a few days since I stumbled upon your PAIN FREE FOOD booklet and I'm already feeling some results. Thank you all soooo much. I recently was admitted into the hospital for a diverticulitis attack, having a bad infection in my colon. You have taught me many things already and I am so grateful.  God bless you and your entire family.

*Disclaimer  | March 16 2016

*I am impressed by your spotlight on information and your continued stand on not being doctors. I appreciate your taking the time to instruct the group on information sharing and what to expect and not expect. Bravo to you! My husband has been following the eating lifestyle that you have wonderfully outlined and I have to say, he does great physically when he follows it. Thank you for sharing all that you share."*

*Disclaimer  | March 16 2016 Geraldine wrote:

*Thank you. I am making good progress and beginning to live my best life again."*

*Disclaimer  | March 9 2016

*I was diagnosed with Crohns disease 1980,had my first surgery 1983,after 7 years I had obstruction and another emergency surgery./ileostomy/After that I had corrective surgery,because of inflated skin around stoma and also there was fistula going in opening in abdomen.Make it long story short I'am now on your diet almost 3 weeks now and results are remarkable.No more burning and pain and much less gas in my system.I will stay on this diet for good-/I thing/.Your e-mail about diarrhea was helpful. Thank you for your work and research you had done!*

*Disclaimer  |  February 24 2016 Mrs Annear  wrote:

*Dear Rachel,
Thank you for keeping in contact and wondering about my achievements. I started with the 4 days diet and have since been following the diet ( not to mix certain foods) and I am taking probiotics and curcumin. After over 2 weeks I am so much better; my tummy doesn't hurt, do not get cramps and flatulence, my brain is much brighter and I have more energy. Altogether, it is like magic to me and I am so glad that I did find your infos on the internet. I am very grateful and do hope that my health will carry on improving.
Many thanks.

*Disclaimer  | February 22 2016 GEORGE POLASEK wrote:

*Pain Free Foods recipes and help via emails and the Facebook page have made a huge difference to my health. No flare ups and feeling healthy again. Even workmates are saying I look healthy now.*

*Disclaimer  | February 19 2016 Denise Doran Ortiz wrote:

*The research and information you need is all done for you, and packaged for each download. This program has helped me get back to health with some pretty easy and straight forward meals and meal planning. Great plan, wonderful support. Highly recommended."*

*Disclaimer  | February 18 2016 NEVA MORRIS wrote:

*Thank you for the valuable information you provide. I've had Crohn's for 40+ years and never saw anything as effective as your guidelines. I've always avoided the meds and they often laughed at my protocol that mostly worked without knowing why? You have explained it and proven it with 100% positive results. A life changer! Thank you.*

*Disclaimer  | February 17 2016 Waverly Evans wrote:

*Have some good news to share! I'm free of diverticulitis after over 4 months of natural healing, and being on our diet for over 90 days! I saw a gastro finally in Dec and he recommended a 10 day run of two kinds of antibiotics and I finished that last Sat. Had a colonoscopy yesterday. Brutal prep, just tortuous! But only one diverticula pocket found. One sizeable benign polyp removed that was an adenoma which is likely to develop into cancer - gone now. Told all my siblings since it can be passed genetically. Was told by doctor to have another colonoscopy in 5 yrs! Also wanted everyone to know that I was able to stop two attacks in Dec in their tracks by my partner giving me a Thumper (2 headed massager) on my feet. Think that stress plays a big part in the 8 full on attacks I've had. So I'm happy as can be right now on my little pink cloud. So grateful for your book and the priceless help it has given me! I'm going to stay on the diet, get back to a healthy weight again (need to gain a few lbs), keep slowly increasing my exercise - and get my life back again!❤"*

*Disclaimer  | February 13 2016 Sherrie Brown wrote:

*Very scary at first! Get the digital program only 29$. It saved me! The take out guide will help take the emotional stress out of wondering what will hurt you and over thinking!Liquid diet for 3 days.....chicken broth, water, low acid juice no OJ! Then go to jello, mashed pot (use a touch of almond milk) butter is ok, oatmeal, boiled pot, white bread, saltine crackers, maybe eggs after 2 days of soft foods without problems ) Don't add fiber or worry about protein yet. Whenyou can eat for a week like this get yourself 2 products for sure....the slippery elm ( before meals to coat stomach) and the GSE-grapefruit seed extract -if/when you feel twinges of pain*

*Disclaimer  | February 13 2016

*Dear Rachel and family, So excited, my hard copy book arrived today . Thank you so much !!As much as technology has its uses ,having a book to hold is what does it for me .I have been sticking to your program I would say 95% . Had a bit of a bumpy start ,but haven't had a major flare up for four weeks ,before that I was good for six weeks and I know for a fact that my flare up was stress related .So walking on a regular basis ,and I've started painting again ,oh happy place here I come .Thank you again for all the research and all the support from yourselves and the Facebook site .Sounds corny but I kinda wish I could hug you all ,Instead warmest wishes to you all!  Disclaimer  | February 13 2016 Sherrie Brown wrote:  Very scary at first! Get the digital program only 29$. It saved me! The take out guide will help take the emotional stress out of wondering what will hurt you and over thinking!Liquid diet for 3 days..*

*Disclaimer  | February 12 2016 Helen wrote:

*Thank you for the updates always. I'm so happy that I have found you and I only found you threw searching on internet. I was using a book no more pain and it did help in beginning but was still having problems. Then I found you guys and it's getting better. as long as I follow the program I stray from time to time just cause I want something. But have discovered not worth the pain. And now that I'm using the products you have recommended it is even much better. I talk about this program to others who also are having problems to go check it out. So thanks again for being there if we need you."*

*Disclaimer  | February 11 2016

*Thanks to Pain Free Foods I am medication-free. Crohns is not going to get the best of me.*

*Disclaimer  | February 10 2016 Matt Tallman wrote:

Thank you for the note Sonia. I have suffered with heartburn for years, and in recent years with Diverticulitis. I looked your book up trying to research how I can fix this problem after a particularly nasty flare up that required hospitalization. I began the diet on Monday. So far, so good. One really cool side effect so far is that I have not had to take an antacid for three days. Probably as far as I've gone without one in years. Anyway, thanks again!"*

*Disclaimer  | February 10 2016 Ronna Vigil wrote:

*Can I share this report with my boss (also my friend) and encourage her to buy the book? She has diverticulitis.  I am still following your protocol and feel fantastic!! It's been soooo helpful to me ( if you remember, I don't have diverticulitis but a sensitive stomache and tend toward flare ups or occasional heart burn and acid reflux) but now I feel soooo much better.*

*Disclaimer  | February 9 2016 Betty wrote:

*Thanks so much. Mark has been losing weight and I love your recipes. He doesn,t complain about the Diverticulitis anymore. I think you cured him. Thanks Again*
*Disclaimer  | February 7 2016 Dave wrote:

*Hi, I've had diverticulitis long term, no longer 'suffering' with it thanks to your diet. Thanks again.*

*Disclaimer  | February 7 2016 Sonia Venegas wrote:

*On another note, I wanted to thank you and your family. I have been doing GREAT with my Diverticulitis and have been learning so much as my healing process continues. It's a total learning experience ones you learn to listen to you body and system. It's awesome and interesting how the body can heal on its own when you are given the "proper" tools to do so. My healing continues as my learning grows. Your Tea is a miracle tea!! I will never stop purchasing that from you. It's a true miracle tea and at the same time I know I'm supporting a true and honest family owned business! Thank you so much & sending you many blessing and great things to you and your family!"*
*Disclaimer  | February 6 2016 Dave wrote:

*Hi, I've had diverticulitis long term, no longer 'suffering' with it thanks to your diet. Thanks again. I've recently been diagnosed with a low calcium level in my blood, I've been having tests as I've developed peripheral-neural-myalgia, as numbness in my toes. I originally thought this might me a side effect of the Simvastatin which I used to take, but wondered if it could also be caused by an acid diet? Have you had any experience of this? DaveHi, I've had diverticulitis long term, no longer 'suffering' with it thanks to your diet. Thanks again. I've recently been diagnosed with a low calcium level in my blood, I've been having tests as I've developed peripheral-neural-myalgia, as numbness in my toes. I originally thought this might me a side effect of the Simvastatin which I used to take, but wondered if it could also be caused by an acid diet? Have you had any experience of this?*

*Disclaimer  | February 10 2016 Matt Tallman wrote:

Thank you for the note Sonia. I have suffered with heartburn for years, and in recent years with Diverticulitis. I looked your book up trying to research how I can fix this problem after a particularly nasty flare up that required hospitalization. I began the diet on Monday. So far, so good. One really cool side effect so far is that I have not had to take an antacid for three days. Probably as far as I've gone without one in years. Anyway, thanks again!"*

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